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Got here at last did you? Welcome to my page anyway! Last year I got a posh name, for the last 17 years Dinky was good enough for me but now I have to have a passport I've suddenly become BOLDGROVE Dinky if you please! Next thing you'll have to pay to give me a polo!

I'm the hardest working pony on this yard as well as being the smallest, I do in hand classes, lead rein classes, ridden classes, parades, hacking out AND pull the muck cart, if you please. It's a good job I scrub up well! I won the Tack and Turnout Championship at Silsden Riding Club last year as well as doing well in Ridden Coloured and Lead Rein classes and being really good to help Sarah win Junior Handler, oh, I forgot, I got second in Veteran with Mum as well.

In July I went to the Great Yorkshire Show with Sarah, we didn't win anything but it was great galloping in front of the grandstand in the White Rose Ring, the picture is of us in the Main Ring in the morning doing an in hand class (the other one is of me at Rivendell with Ben and Sarah)

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