Sarah's Page

Hi my name is Sarah and I ride both Dinky and Favour,  I have lessons on Favour with a man called Damian. He is teaching me how to teach Favour to be ridden so I can ride him at shows. At the moment I ride and lead Dinky at shows. I have been doing it for three seasons now.

I am eleven years of age and my hobbies are choir, drama and riding of course.

Sometimes on a weekend or in the holidays I go and ride Razzle-Dazzle. She is Emily's, at shows I used to lead Emily when she rode Dinky but now I don't.

I don't live near Dinky and Favour, I live in Lepton but I go to ride them every weekend.

Last showing season I came first in both Tack and Turnout and Junior Handler. I got two trophies for it.

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Shibden Dale
With Dinky at Great Yorkshire Show
sarah on raz
Riding Razzle at Eldwick
sarah sidesaddle
A side saddle lesson
sophie and sarah
A lesson with Damian at Sowood

Sarah at Ardsley

Tack and Turnout at Silsden
sarah at wrose